Please find a few frequently asked questions below¦. However, if your question
has not been answered please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q.How far in advance do I need to book an event?

A. It is best to book as early as possible to secure your date

Q. How far do you travel and how much do you charge?
A. We travel all over Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas, but for anything more than an 80 mile round trip there may be a travel charge.

Q. How do I book?
A. Drop us an email on enquiry@theboothfairies.co.uk or use our contact page and we all get back to you

Q. What are the payment options?
A. It is a £50 deposit to secure your date and you can pay the rest anytime up to 2 weeks before the day of the event. We accept bank transfer and card payments.

Q. Do you supply props with the photo booth?
A. We supply a unique prop bag that includes hats, wigs, glasses, masks and more.

Q. Who operates the booth?
A. 1 or 2 trained Booth Fairies will set up and run the booth for you.

Q. How long do the booths take to set up?
A. About an hour.

Q. Can you set up early/before the event
A. Yes we can at a charge of £25 per idle hour

Q. How much space will be needed in the venue for the photo booth?
A. Our booths are 1.96m high x 1.2m deep x 2.3m long.

Q. Can the photo booths be placed outside?
A. Yes if we have a sheltered area, a flat hard floor and access to a power source.

Q. What are the electricity requirements for the booth?
A. All we need is access to a standard 13amp power socket at we all bring our own extension lead.

Q. How many printed off photos can we get?
A. Every trip to the booth creates a photo to take away….its unlimited.